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Monagene Essence III
Monagene Essence III

Monagene Essence III


Vessel Support solutions by ReGene Products | Holistic Medicine | BARANOVA MONACO

Monagene is an especially designed product based on red rice yeasts. It is highly effective for cholesterol lowering, in particular it decreases LDL (bad cholesterol).


Regene Vessel Support | Vessel Support products from ReGene Products | BARANOVA MONACO

Application: helps to lower cholesterol levels.

Use: 1 tablet per day, preferably with a meal.

Specific activity: this innovative product belongs to the category of natural statins. Once correctly applied in combination with particular lifestyle and other products (evaluated through the expertise), it has a high anti-atherosclerotic effect and can help to avoid pharmacotherapy.

Practically: ReGene Vessel support – Monagene is highly recommended for persons with LDL increase and/or atherosclerosis. For the most pronounced effect, this product should be combined with ReGene Resveraforte – Resveragene and particular lifestyle changes, which are recommended in the personalized and dynamic genomic “haute couture” prevention programmes. Necessity of intake, dosage and correct application, including effective combination with other products, are evaluated in the personalized and dynamic genomic “haute couture” prevention programmes (nutrigenetics, or anti-ageing, or cardiovascular risk, or VIP programs).

Quantity: 30 tablets

Type: food supplement with Red Yeast Rice extract