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Tryptogene Zen II
Tryptogene Zen II

Tryptogene Zen II


Tryptogene is a highly efficient product on the basis of pure tryptophan. It has strong anti-tiredness, anti-stress, anti-depressive and serenity effects.


Regene Serenity | Personalized Prevention products from ReGene Products | BARANOVA MONACO

Application: helps with inner unrest and gloomy feelings.

Use: 1 tablet per day, preferably with a meal.

Specific activity: the active element of this product, L-tryptophan, acts as the precursor of serotonin, molecule of happiness, one of the main brain neuromediators, essential for brain work balance.

Practically: ReGene Serenity – Tryptogene is recommended for persons with chronic fatigue, depressive trends, chronic stressful lifestyle, sleep difficulties (in particular waking ups around 4 am and morning fatigue). Recommended intake is in the evenings after 6 pm for effective serotonin synthesis.

Attention: this product should not be combined with anti-depressants. The highly personalized expertise will help to further evaluate the necessity and dosage regimen of this product in accordance with the personalized and dynamic genomic “haute couture” prevention programmes (VIP panel).

Quantity: 30 tablets

Type: food supplement with L-Tryptophan