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B-gene Essence II
B-gene Essence II

B-gene Essence II


Homocysteine Support products from ReGene Products | Holistic Healing | BARANOVA MONACO

B-GENE is based on the specific specter of vitamins B, including folic acid. It helps to improve cardiovascular and brain health. Once correctly applied, it also has high anti-fatigue and anti-ageing effects.


Homocysteine Support products from ReGene Products | Holistic Healing | BARANOVA MONACO

Application: helps to maintain a good homocystine level.

Use: 1-2 capsules per day, in the morning or during lunch.

Specific activity: regulates DNA methylation through improvement of homocysteine metabolism. This product protects against potential deleterious conditions, as: hyperhomocysteinemia important risk factor for cardiovascular system and brain problems. Independently on it, this product protects pregnant women from fetal pathologies (neuronal tube defects related to folic acid deficiency).

Practically: ReGene Homocysteine support – Be generated is an essential element for successful personalized prevention for all persons with modified forms of MTHFR, MTRR and/or other homocysteine metabolism genes. The regular intake of Homocysteine support – Be generated is particularly important for persons with other cardiovascular genetic and non-genetic risk factors. Interestingly, correctly applied, this product has strong anti-fatigue and anti-ageing effects. All dosages and correct application are presented in your personalized and dynamic genomic “haute couture” prevention programmes (nutrigenetics, or anti-ageing, or cardiovascular risk, or VIP programs).

Quantity: 30 capsules

Type: food supplement with vitamin B-Complex