Renaissance Intensive UltimateRussian
Price : 10 000 €

By Appointment with Professor Baranova
3 months programme for life

The programme is very popular among clients. It is similar to the programme Renaissance Intensive INTEGRATIVE, but it does not include genetics. It is also designed for active people with the main accent on regulation of biochemical processes and hormonal imbalance. The programme helps to restore biochemical and hormonal disfunctions and defficiencies and further improve brain and physical shape and performance and profit from highly effective BARANOVA rejuvenation methods.

This unique programme covers all aspects of ultimate VIP programme and additionally to genetic testing and expertise development also includes:
  • 2 consultations of unlimited time (according to practical experience basic time for one consultation is about 2 30 h);
  • expert analysis of all your previous clinical data, including any previously performed non-genetic tests
  • personalised hormonal regulation and micronutrition
Development and highly personalized setting of your individual step by step “haute couture” health plans to fulfill the recommendations for 3 months in total
Personalized coaching during 3 months.

ATTENTION: the number of places is limited
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